Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Skinny Parody

I live and work in LA where thin is always in. I have seen and worked with beautiful fit size 4 actors that are often made to feel big because their 18 year old co-star is a size zero. I take pride in the fact that my girls look lean, fit and healthy and they achieve this by working out consistently (not obsessively) and eat healthy (without starving!). I find this parody for the new Mac Book Air laptop hilarious, but a sad reflection of our society’s desire to be thin. Just as 3 lbs is the new 5 lbs in the computer world, a size 0 seems to be the new size 4 in our world. This video captures the struggle that many go through to “fit” the mold that society and the media set, rather than appreciating the benefits of a strong healthy body. Maybe I am reading too much into this but watch it and you decide.


Scoopy said...

Omigod, that's hysterical.

Remind your girls that skinny actresses are a dime-a-dozen; it's what goes on behind the eyes that matters on camera. Imperfections make the star.

Mary's Blog said...

That is too funny!!
I hope this "Part" is a continuation of "Alias" with the girl who plays "Rachel Gibson".. I know I know, it's a stretch..

Please let Jennifer know..