Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christimas ... is a SUPER SEXY BODY!

Why wait to January 1st to get your best body ever? Start now and you can have a jump start on every one else. There are a few things that will assure you are a success.

1. You have to want it, baby!
There is a big difference between wishing you looked better and deciding right now, to get in shape. Make fitness a priority and your body and life will change.

2. Have the right program.
It is obviously frustrating to work really hard, only to find that they program you were following produced little or no results - or worse, it bulked you up! If you like the toned and sexy look, favored by my Hollywood A-listers, then my Red Carpet Ready system is for you. Check out my webshow, RCR TV, and see how two "regular" women get in amazing shape using this program.

3. Get support.
All of us at one time or another need encouragement or guidance to make sure we are on the right track and to cheer us on when we need it most. As part of my Red Carpet Ready system, you get 2 free months in the Red Carpet Ready Club. Here, not only will you find workouts, exercise videos, recipes, and motivation, you will also find a group of women dedicated to being in shape, and willing to help you on your journey.

4. Motivation.
This comes in many forms. I think the biggest is a deadline, real or self imposed. Nothing lights a fire like deadline. Sometimes though, we need mini motivators like a great movie, a new workout outfit, or a new play list.
My current fave play list:

1. Just Dance - Lady Gaga
2. Love Lockdown - Kanye West
3. Because The Night - Cascasda
4. Circus - Britney Spears
5. Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf (Feat. Lil Wayne)
6. When I grow Up - Pussycat Dolls
7. Live Your Life - T.I. (Feat. Rihanna)
8. Hot & Cold - Katy Perry

5. New equipment.
It is true that the body adapts, so we must continue to shake it up with new exercises. Try the Valslide, which not only will accelerate your results, but give you dozens of new exercises. For more information, visit

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 3 Best Butt Exercises You Can Do At Home

Nearly every client I work with wants to know if I can reshape their back side. They either want to pick it up, fill it out, slim it down, or make it rock solid. Fortunately for them, I consider this my specialty. Fortunately for you, I am going to share a few secrets. If you are already doing squats and lunges, then congratulations, you're off to a good start. Compound moves like these not only create size and shape for your butt, they also burn a ton of calories. The problem is, these exercises also develop the quads. That's no problem if that's your goal, but what if it's not?

Before we get into my favorite butt exercises, lets start with some important information.

1. Even the best exercises in the world can't overcome a bad diet. If you have cellulite and/or excess body fat, I am willing to bet that you're eating too many refined carbohydrates. I can't emphasize enough, if you want to have a lean, sexy body (and a great butt!), then stop with the junk!! No fast food, no chips, no cookies, no white flour or sugar! Whew! Glad we got that out of the way...

2. You need to burn the fat. So, I want you to do 3 full body workouts each week to add some muscle and rev up your metabolism.

3. To burn more fat you will also do 3 cardio sessions each week. I outline specifically what to do in my transformation system, Red Carpet Ready, but for now, any cardio will do. Even better if it's intervals.

4. Do special butt shaping exercises.

My 3 current favorites are:

Valband Forward backward marching

Place Valband above your knees. Your feet should be hip width apart and band should be taught. Sit back into a squat and march forward but slightly out to the side, maintaining squat position and resisting the band from pulling your knees together. In the same position march backward to your starting position.

Valslide reverse lunge with kettlebells or dumbbells

Stand with feet together, place the ball of your right foot on the Valslide®. Slide your right foot back; Left leg will bend at 90˚. Slide your right foot up to start position, pulling up with the glute (butt) of your left leg. Finish reps and switch sides. NOTE: be sure to use the stationary leg to return to start, not the sliding leg. Think of the sliding leg as just going along for the ride.
**You will feel this in your glutes and quads

Single leg - 2 arm RDL's

Hold a bodybar or barbell and lift one foot off the ground slightly. Pinch the shoulder blades back together as this helps keep the spine in the proper position. Begin by pushing your hips backward while keeping the non-working leg extended and in alignment with your torso. Continue to push the hips backwards with the working leg and keep a neutral/flat back throughout the movement. Stand back up by squeezing the glutes, pushing the hips forward and standing up straight.

Who's Gonna Win?

Mary Bess and Cody Kennedy are in the fight of their lives. Each has struggled with years of dieting and many failed attempts at reshaping their bodies. Some of these past attempts worked for a while, but always in the end, the scale would beat them back down.

Well, Mary Bess and Cody has been training hard and following the principles of Red Carpet Ready. Now, here they are in the fourth round (week) and they are ready to deliver some knockout blows. See how they do it, LIVE tonight at 5pm PST at

Cody's one-two punch of 11lbs gone and a tight flat stomach is going to send the scale to its corner. Mary Bess' commitment to the diet and the conditioning program has her weighing in at 8lbs lighter and makes her a formidable competitor.

Tune in tonight to see how they do it. Learn their secrets to staying with it, and I will be there LIVE to answer any questions you have regarding diet and exercise. 

You too can finally transform your body and live as if your are ready for the Red Carpet.