Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who's Gonna Win?

Mary Bess and Cody Kennedy are in the fight of their lives. Each has struggled with years of dieting and many failed attempts at reshaping their bodies. Some of these past attempts worked for a while, but always in the end, the scale would beat them back down.

Well, Mary Bess and Cody has been training hard and following the principles of Red Carpet Ready. Now, here they are in the fourth round (week) and they are ready to deliver some knockout blows. See how they do it, LIVE tonight at 5pm PST at www.redcarpetready.tv

Cody's one-two punch of 11lbs gone and a tight flat stomach is going to send the scale to its corner. Mary Bess' commitment to the diet and the conditioning program has her weighing in at 8lbs lighter and makes her a formidable competitor.

Tune in tonight to see how they do it. Learn their secrets to staying with it, and I will be there LIVE to answer any questions you have regarding diet and exercise. 

You too can finally transform your body and live as if your are ready for the Red Carpet. 


Matt A. said...

Thanks Val!
I will watch! It is always interesting to see how a persons basic personality comes into play when they attempt a new behavior.
Love your blog!

Forrest said...

I wish Mary Beth and Cody the best of luck in their fight! It sounds like they have pulled themselves together and made so huge strides!

Also, I wanted to see if you might be interested in linking to a site with which I work. If you are, email me at aquaman910 at gmail.com and we can negotiate a deal. I wish you the best. Thanks!