Monday, May 4, 2009

Secrets Of The Red Carpet

One of the perks of being a celebrity trainer is that something you get to go to movie premiere. Last week and I had the good fortune of attending the premiere of "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past", starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. I loved this romantic comedy about a notorious photographer (McConaughey) with a bad boy reputation of loving beautiful women and dumping them when they fall in love with him. On the eve of his brothers wedding, the infamous bachelor is haunted by the ghosts of his past girlfriends and gets a huge wake up call.

Jennifer was radiant in the movie, and luminous on the Red Carpet - just 3 and a half months after giving birth. While celebrities have resources that might not be as readily available to most of us, there are some secrets that can have you on your way to looking Red Carpet Ready.

1. Start Now
Jennifer knew months ago when this premiere would be, so we circled it on the calendar and started exercising a few weeks after Serafina was born. In the weeks in between, other press opportunities came up. Fortunately, we had not delayed getting started. You may not have a movie premiere coming up, but with Summer fast approaching, you may be invited to the beach or a pool party. How would you feel if you were asked to put on a bikini, today? It's possible that you would skip the event or keep yourself covered up if you did attend. Then don't wait! Start a comprehensive fitness program such as Red Carpet Ready today, and notice results in less than 2 weeks.

2. Eat Better
You cannot look and feel your best if you are eating junk. You will see the most dramatic weight loss if you eliminate processed foods and refined carbohydrates.
- Focus on real food
- Eat 5-6 times per day (3 meals, and 2-3 snacks)
- Include a small portion of protein and a large portion of veggies at each serving
- Get adequate fiber, this means 25-30 grams, spread throughout the day
- Drink lots of water. About 80-100 ounces/day

3. Be Accountable
People are more likely to stay committed to their diet and exercise program when they have someone to be accountable to (this is part of the reason personal trainers are so popular). Try getting a workout buddy, or creating your own blog, so that you can share your progress and your slip ups. Online communities and forums are also very popular for the very same reason. Many of the women in my Red Carpet Ready Club find the support they receive to be invaluable. Regardless which avenue you choose, you are more likely to stick with it if you have someone counting on you, and visa versa.

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