Monday, June 9, 2008

Eat Better Mondays: Favorite Sweet Treat

Even when you're eating the Red Carpet Ready way, you might still have a craving for something sweet. Here's one of my favorite new treats that won't blow your diet. It's a little like chocolate fondue. I've used strawberries in this example, but any fruit will do.



Kelly O said...

Valerie, what a fantastic idea! I also started Red Carpet Ready this week and OMG I am IN LOVE!! I'm so excited and just telling everyone about it.....that circuit just kicked my butt!!! The ValSlides are amazing!!
I also posted that McDonalds bit on my blog too - that is crazy stuff.

GrĂ¡inne said...

How about some fat free yoghurt/FF greek yogurt or fromage frais on top? Would be like having cream, chocolate and strawberries!

Valerie Waters said...

Hi Kelly,

Love your enthusiasm! I am so glad you like your Valslides. Wait until you see what they do to your butt! They really are amazing! val

Valerie Waters said...


Will have to try your suggestion. Sounds yummy! val

Kelly O said...

Val~ Good Heavens you aren't kidding! I just finished my 2nd Circuit Day and I was DRIPPING WITH SWEAT! And I'm feeling my glute muscles like never before. Worship you!! Worship you!! I'm telling EVERYONE to get RCR!!!

Angie Schumacher said...

YUMM! I love dark chocolate and am always looking for healthy yummy treats! Thanks

Julie said...

OMG, I just did this with three Dove dark chocolate "Promises" and about four ounces of raspberries...looks a mess but tastes AMAZING.

I just bought RCR and have been poring over it for the last few days. My first weight circuit is scheduled for tomorrow. (I did a 5K race today.) Can't wait!

Valerie Waters said...

Hi Julie,

I can't wait to hear how you like the RCR circuits. Do you have the Valslides yet? You can do the workout without them but they are like putting your foot on the gas pedal and flooring it. It just speeds things up. Valerie

Artie said...

If you do this with a chocolate protein shake, you're even better off (milk/casein based ones are creamy thick too). Just had one with blackberries.