Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Red Carpet Ready Success Story

Since releasing my eBook, Red Carpet Ready, I have received such positive feedback and heard many success stories, I thought I’d start sharing them with you to get you inspired to reach your own goals.

I received an email from April Dunn on April 4th of this year. She had just purchased the
Valslide and was excited to get started. She had a couple of questions for me and shared a few of her struggles:

“Valerie, I’m 33 years old and a happy size 10. I’m going to be in my sister’s wedding in 7 weeks and could stand to lose 10 pounds. I started lifting weights last fall in preparation for the wedding. I was doing a strength program that I found on the internet three times a week using 5 lb weights (for a total of 40 minutes each time – 10 minutes on abs, butt, thighs and arms). To my surprise, I ‘bulked up’ rather than toned down! After doing this consistently for four months, I quit cold-turkey. I’ve been very scared to try any weight lifting again. I tried the Valslide workout and whoa…what a workout!”

After reading April’s email I suggested that she do my program
Red Carpet Ready, and three weeks later she sent me a progress report. In just 3 weeks, April had lost inches in her chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and biceps, and dropped 1 dress size!

“When I started your program three weeks ago, my attitude was “I can do anything for six weeks”. Now I’m realizing I want to keep doing your workouts even after my six weeks are up. I can do the weights in 50 minutes (three times a week) and the cardio only adds another hour and a half to my week. So, I figure with only four hours of commitment weekly, I can look and feel a whole lot better!”

In the end, April met her goal! Here's what she told me:


Where do I begin? Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together an AMAZING workout! I met my six-week goal! In Six Weeks, I accomplished the following:

· 13 pound weight loss
· Chest – 3 inches lost
· Waist – 2 ½ inches lost
· Waist (2” below Bellybutton) – 2 ½ inches lost
· Hips – 2 inches lost
· Thighs – 1 inch lost
· Calf – ½ inch lost
· Bicep – ¾ inch lost
· From a tight size 10 to a loose size 8

These are REAL numbers – REAL results! It’s amazing!

I must admit I was skeptical – How much change could you make to your body in just six weeks? See the attached “Before and After” pictures for the answer! I felt confident, toned and fit! I had so many wonderful comments from friends and family members. I actually had people refer to me as “skinny”, “thin” and “hot”! I’m a 34 year old mother! What a thrill! Your workouts are the most effective I’ve ever done. I had dreaded the fact that I was 12 years older than all the other bridesmaids in my sister’s wedding…that was until I didn’t look like it!

Hearing these stories is what makes my job so rewarding; and not just because April saw the numbers change, but because she is more confident and happy because of it. What I know, and what April learned, is if you do the Red Carpet Ready program and commit to it for the full 6 weeks, you will undoubtedly see results! Great job April!


Julie said...

WOW! Way to go, April! I can't wait to see where I am in three weeks... :)

Kelly O said...

That is so awesome!! I'll be sure to share with you where I am but I will tell you, a week and almost a half into this, I can SEE and feel changes already. I'm loving it!!


Emma said...

ive bought and read red carpet ready, and also read your article on figureathlete.com. im 16, and i DESPERATELY want to look like jessica biel!(the less muscular but still toned and defined-post 7th heaven jessica biel). i've read that you do or have trained her and im wondering- does she follow a program like this? or does she do more heavy straight strength training? i really love the figureathlete program by the way!

Scoopy said...

Congrats April! I've had RCR for 2-3 months. I bought it because I always admired Jennifer Garner and wanted to discover her secrets (hey, whatever works).

No one would call me heavy but I always had trouble with overeating and nervous eating. I embarked on the diet and started the workouts, although I workout every other day so I move at about half the speed you're supposed to.

Even so, I quickly dropped the 5-10 pounds that always make my butt feel fat and I never once felt like I was on a restrictive diet. I love knowing what to eat and when. I love having snacks built in -- this is perfect for my snacky tendencies and blood sugar levels.

And, now that I've dropped the nagging 5-10 pounds I find it possible to relax and eat some naughty stuff (dinners out, pizza, pinkberry, extra bread) on the weekends and then go back to RCR during the week and it all disappears.

People don't believe that I eat ALL the time! 5 times a day!

I also felt like I was working out less, rather than more, but I didn't try to embellish the program (much :)) and I still look good. Even though I don't work out 6 days a week as instructed (which I wish I could do) the program still works. Not only that but I look stronger than I would have expected from the training. I look lean and cut-out.

I'm convinced there's something supernatural about it, but whatever. I really love it. Thanks Val for making it avail to average Josephines.

xavier said...

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