Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Years Resolution check-in

Here we are, nearly half way through the year. How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?

Have you lost weight?
Reduced your stress?
Improved your health?
Saved some money?
Reduced your carbon foot print?

I am not sure all of these were on your resolution list but if you are like most people, chances are a few of them are. What if I told you that just one action done consistently would allow you to put a check mark by all of these things. You would want to know, right? Well there is. It’s something we can all do with just a little forethought and about 5 minutes. What is it?

Bring your lunch to work.

I talk in my book Red Carpet Ready about the importance of this from a weight control standpoint. Losing weight is hard enough without the extra difficulty of waiting so long to eat and then rushing to get the most convenient (not necessarily the healthiest option) and scarfing it down in 5 minutes because the line was long and now you are running late. Imagine instead that during your lunch break you calmly open you cooler and pull out your healthy salad or wrap. Maybe you nosh on some baby carrots and hummus while you browse one of your favorite magazines or lose yourself in a chapter of a favorite book, such as “The Other Boleyn Girl.” Before anyone else has gotten back with their fast food fix, you have enjoyed your lunch and had a few quiet moments to yourself. You have also saved approximately $7 and with a 5 day work week that is $35 in savings. That is $140 per month that you’re saving. But wait, there’s more! You can reduce your carbon foot print by bringing your lunch in a reusable cooler which means that you’re not contributing to the 1.8 million tons of trash created by the packaging that take-out food comes in!

That is a lot of benefit for one small action. Be part of the club that brings their lunch to work!


SouthernQ said...

Thanks for the awareness raising - awesome! I thought you would like our new website that traces fast food packaging to the destruction of forests...

Valerie Waters said...

I checked out your website. It is excellent! Keep up the good work.

Todd and Amy said...

Thank you for all of your inspiration and encouragement! I look forward to taking the Valslide on vacation and I am sure I will have several converts in the process! They all complain they are having to take "time off" from their routines, and I plan on having extra time to add to mine. Thanks!