Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Secret Weapon Exercises

The Valslide & The Valband

As promised, here are a couple of exercises for you to do using your Valkit for Travel while at home or away. Have a happy 4th!


Kelly O said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting. I will tell you - I've been sharing with everyone how incredible the ValSlides are and how they make lunges, dips etc. all so much more involved - its like using 20 muscles instead of one...not sure WHY but who cares?? I love it. And so does my butt!! ;-)

Valerie Waters said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for helping to spread the word. If only people knew how effective these things are everyone would have a Valslide. They just don't know.

GrĂ¡inne said...
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GrĂ¡inne said...

Hi Val,
Thanks for this and for the Action Hero exercises. I've been mixing them up with bits of Red Carpet Ready and some other bits and pieces. They're brilliant! Painful push away is fabulously evil...but I can actually feel it in my lower abs-the usual nightmare area to target. The mountain climbers on a medicine ball are another one that look like they'll be easy but aren't. And lunging in all directions on the slide-no impact, just trembling muscles :-)

Love it!