Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Red Carpet Ready Success Story!

I just wanted to share another Red Carpet Ready success story with you all the way from Germany. People all over the world are getting results with Red Carpet Ready. Stefanie's email below is inspiration for you and a reminder to me that helping people feel better about themselves is what makes my job so rewarding!


Success Story

Dear Valerie,

Ever since my husband proposed to me in October 2007 I was wondering how
to lose weight and build up muscles. I have tried various programs and none really worked to my satisfaction. I had just recovered from an accident and a workout pause of six months. During this time I put on 12 pounds.
12 P O U N D S!!! I am 34 years old but I looked a lot older.

Inspired by lovely Jennifer Garner and an interview in SHAPE where your
name came up I started searching for your website - and found it. I
decided to order your ValKit for Travel and also bought your Red Carpet
Ready Program. I started working out in February 2008 - 4 months to go
until our wedding on June 21st.....

I have been with Weight Watchers for years and already dropped approx 30
pounds but they used to claim that potatoes were top of the list for
weight loss (they know better now concerning the glycemic index). Since
I am a vegetarian I thought about how to increase my protein intake.
Luckily I do eat eggs (I buy them at a nearby farm) and dairy products
so I focused on that instead of fish or meat. Also I started watching my
portions of pasta and brown rice and realized I always had too much of
it! This was why shortly after eating I was feeling hungry again (we
remember: WeightWatchers and potaoes).

We Germans simply LOVE bread, it is one of our substantial foods. I
always used whole grain, anyway, but now I've reduced it to one
piece in the morning along with yogurt or egg whites (instead of
additional 2-4 pieces in the evening). I stopped eating at our canteen
at work (my favourite was baked potato with salad..) and started cooking
again. My husband loves it because he switched to my vegetarian way of
living shortly after we met and even he does not want to eat any chips
or sweets anymore - he COULD eat it, though, because he really is thin
but he just does not crave unhealthy stuff like he used to. This is
thanks to your program!!!

Now we keep fit and concentrated throughout our working day and I go
straight to the gym afterwards. Even on very hot days I do not give up
and use our cool cellar instead of the gym - I just kept going. I never
knew I could be so determined! Even my husband now takes time to workout
with me 2 days a week (it's a start).

The Red Carpet Ready Workout is challenging and I needed some time to
adapt to it - especially the ValSlide - staying balanced while sliding
is not that easy. Now I do really well with it and a trainer at the gym
even asked me if I was a trainer myself because the workout looked so
professional to him.

I never was slim and although I still have a long way to go until I have
my "dream figure" I am sure I will succeed! I was so happy when my
wedding gowns (which I bought in November 2007) had to be adjusted TWICE
to my slimmer shape and on our wedding day they would fit quite

I dropped more than one dress size and I will now try your action hero
workout - I am curious how I will look like in 6 weeks :))

Enclosed I am sending you 2 photos of our wedding - one after the
registry office (in Germany this is mandatory) and one after our
ceremony in the evening under a bright blue sky....

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the inspiration, the super program through this
making me feel so attractive on my wedding day and ever after.

You big fan from Hamburg, Germany!


Stefanie (before her wedding)

Stefanie (after the ceremony)


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All the best,



AT22 said...

I have to note that she looks gorgeous in both pictures. What a beauty.

Way to go!

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