Monday, November 17, 2008

The 3 Best AB Exercises You're NOT Doing

You probably know by now that the Plank is the one of the best exercises for your abs. I agree that it is an important exercise to include in your fitness routine, the problem is, it becomes boring to hold your Plank position past 60 seconds.

You can create a bunch of new variations of the Plank with just 2 inexpensive exercise tools, the Valslide, and an Airex pad. Chances are, you are not familiar with these two excellent exercise tools because many magazines won't feature new equipment (regardless of how amazing it is) unless it can be assumed that at least 70% of people have it or have access to it. I understand that people who buy magazines might be disappointed if they had to spend additional money to do the workout the magazine provides, however, if there is no infomercial, and the magazines don't write about it, how are you supposed to know about it?

By familiarizing yourself with a few variations of the Plank exercise, not only will you avoid the boredom that may occur, you'll also be able to challenge yourself with some new moves in your routine.

Below are my 3 favorite variations of the Plank. You can do these as a circuit (if you're advanced) or mix them into your regular routines.

For these exercises you will need your Valslides and an Airex pad (or other squishy surface).

To download a PDF file of these exercise descriptions with pictures, click here

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leslie said...

Fabulous exercises! I can't wait to try them myself and with my clients. Love the VS's, Val!

Mike Alves said...

Hi Val,

I really like your abduction & adduction exercise. Hadn't thought of that one before.

I'll practice on myself and then share with my clients.

Cheers and thanks for the tips.

Mike Alves

leslie said...

P.S. I've decided to call these VS inchworms and VS snow angels. (Can't think of a name for the hands on VS exercise -- sorry!)

alexandra said...

I tried these yesterday and was really challenged ( and I consider myself pretty fit!) The mini pike was particulary hard for me; I could not do 12 consecutive reps and had to rest every 5 reps! I am going to incorporate these into my regular core work. Thanks so much Val!

cosher said...

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xavier said...

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