Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daylight Savings – Workout #1

I am thrilled that daylight savings arrived early this year. I love the extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day. Yes, I know it is now a little harder to get up in the morning but the morning schedule rarely changes. The alarm goes off and it’s feet on the floor. I like to do my gym workout first thing in the morning before clients; it sets my day. However, having an extra hour of sun at the end of the day just begs for me to get outside. What are you doing with the extra hour of light?

One of my favorite workouts is Santa Monica’s own outdoor stair-master. The Santa Monica Stairs is great workout for all fitness levels. Located on 4th street where it dead ends just north of San Vicente, you’ll get to enjoy an amazing view and fabulous weather. There are two sets of stairs; one wood and the other cement. Challenge yourself to do “the loop.” Down the first set, jog across to the next, take it up and jog back to your starting point. Make sure you follow protocol though, which includes being aware of others and stepping to the side to let faster climbers pass. Be careful not to mess with someone’s counting system. If you see a neatly arranged pile of rocks, this might be someone’s way of tracking how many sets they have done. This particular set of stairs is obviously unique to Los Angeles but get out there and find something similar in your area. Maybe it’s the bleachers at the local school or doing intervals up and down a steep hill near your home. Whatever it is, take advantage of daylight savings and get outside.


ronnwaters said...

Being much more sloth-like, I have been enjoying the longer days so I can work in the garden after work. It is very therapeutic.
Also, since it gets light early as well it's nice to sit in the garden and practice the guitar before the family wakes up.
Keep up the great posts!

Krissa said...

I just discovered your blog after reading your article on Muscle With Attitude. I have enjoyed reading all the posts. I especially enjoyed the laptops desire to be thin. That was good stuff.

I am thinking about buying your valslides but I dont have carpet and my gym doesnt have carpet either. It seems like they would still work on a gym floor. Am I wrong? I would love it for ab work.


Valerie Waters said...

Does your gym have a rubber floor? If so, then simply lay a towel down then slide on the towel. Valslides are great for abs!