Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vogue Editor & the Valslide

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of training Vogue's Features Editor, Sally Singer. I had 2 weeks to give her the experience of how I might get one of my celebrity clients Red Carpet Ready. Sally is such a delight to work with and it was great fun getting to peek behind the curtain of the fashion world.
The April issue of Vogue just came out and I am thrilled with the write up she gave me. Even more exciting is knowing she still uses her Valslides and takes them with her when she travels.

If you would like to experience a program similar to Sally's, you can get my new book "Red Carpet Ready" available on my website

To learn more about the Valslide go to


Lee said...

Great blogsite! Being a trainer must be highly competitive.

I have been checking out various online information, like Matt Furey, Bob Greene and Martin 'Farmer' Burns. Keeping innovative without being Faddish seems key.

Looking forward to your updates.

PM said...

Hey Val, I actually just read the article in Vogue and that's how I found your website. I'm still looking around, but I am very intrigued by the Rd Carpet Ready system and the Valslides. I'm tired of being frumpy and tired of going to a one-size-fits-none gym. Maybe this is the answer.

Valerie Waters said...


I know I invented them but seriously, Valslides can totally change the shape of your body. Even I am amazed how effectie they are, especially for butt and abs!