Monday, March 10, 2008

Eat Better Mondays: Is your cereal making you fat?

Judging by the number of different kinds available it is obvious that cereal is a popular breakfast option. If you are a regular reader of my newsletter than I am pretty sure you are not choosing Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles, but that doesn’t mean you are not sabotaging your weight loss plans. As I see it, the problem is two-fold:

1. Sometimes you may think you are making a healthy choice, especially when the box tells you so. Often they still have too much sugar. When reading labels the number 1 ingredient you want to avoid is “high fructose corn syrup.” (I'll explain more on high fructose corn syrup later.)

2. The second problem (and probably the greater problem) is portion control. I find it incredibly easy to over eat cereal. When I pour cereal into a bowl I use a small bowl to help monitor the amount but I actually measured the amount and I found that I was eating more than double the recommended serving size. Of course, their serving size was about 4 spoonfuls of cereal. But even still, if I want to consume only the 110 calories listed on the box then I have to eat the serving size they recommend.

This is what my bowl looked like when I just eye balled the amount:

This is the recommended serving size according to the box:

Where’s the cereal? You can still see the bottom of the bowl.

When choosing a breakfast cereal make sure you read the label and avoid any with HFCS or sugar as a main ingredient. Look for one with a high fiber content and always measure! You can even add a small handful of berries to your cereal.

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Naoe said...

OMG...I was just telling someone that I can't eat cereal anymore.

I didn't have cereal for about a month (kept forgetting to go to the cereal aisle) so would just cream of wheat.

I finally stopped by the cereal aisle and boy after one bowl I got bloated. Not really thinking of it I ate cereal the next day and again got bloated. After the 3rd day, realized man this cereal is messing with my body.

Thanks for posting this, now I don't feel so crazy.