Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrating The Valslide

One of the things I enjoy most is getting e-mails from customers sharing with me how pleased they are with their Valslides. I designed the Valslide with simplicity in mind, and knew that this effective exercise tool would provide results in record time. It makes me feel so great when Valslide users contact me to share their positive feedback and their love for my product.On that note, about a month ago I opened this e-mail:

Hi Val,

I just had to write & thank you!
I have worked out my whole life. Everything from step aerobics (way back when), yoga, pilates, weights, the ball, the bean, etc. etc. Although, I was blessed with great genes, I always disliked my little pooch of a stomach and the lack of a backside. (I am 5'5 and about 118 lbs since forever.)

I was never able to rid myself of the little shelf I called my stomach no matter how hard I tried. I just figured that's the way I was born.

Well, at 44, thanks to less than three months of the Valslide, I have a different body! I have a butt and a defined, flatter midriff which just amazes me!

I absolutely love my Valslides and tell everyone about them. I am a true believer!

Thank you, Val!

Hallie H.

When I read this e-mail, it makes me so happy! The Valslides really can change your body, and they do really work. No matter what other workouts you've tried, you will not be disappointed with the results you see from using the Valslide.

Because the Valslide is such a versatile exercise tool, I'm always coming up with new exercises. The latest new move, Valslide Reverse Lunge With A Reach, is a modification of the original (and highly effective) Valslide Reverse Lunge - check out the video below.

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cinsauce said...

Looks Great Val. Can't wait to try it out. Keep them coming!!