Friday, April 17, 2009

Your $30 Treadmill

Want to get a kick-butt, heart thumping cardio workout without going to the gym, or having to spend $3000 on a treadmill? I specialize in fast pace circuits that burn a ton of calories, while sculpting a lean and sexy physique.

Here is a new workout that I created to beat beach body panic and to get you bikini ready in time for Summer. You might be skeptical and wondering how the workout below is going to take the place of a treadmill, but trust me on this one. The combination of these exercises will get your heart rate up and I promise, you will feel this all throughout your body!
All you need are your Valslides and about 8 square feet. You might want to also have a bottle of water, because you're going to get thirsty!!

Take a few minutes to warm up, and then get ready to SWEAT:

Squats - 20 reps
Skater Jumps - 20 reps
Valslide Reverse Lunge - 20 reps (each leg)
Valslide Side Lunge - 20 reps (each leg)
Valslide Tricep Push-Up - 10 reps
Valslide Mountain Climber - 20 reps
Valslide Painful Push Away - 20 reps
Valslide Sliding Crunch - 20 rpes

Do this circuit 3-4 times, with 1-2 minutes rest in between each circuit

To find out more information about the Valslide, visit

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irena said...

What's a skater jump?

Mike Munds Fitness said...

Val nice workout. You dont have to blatantly push your "Val Slides" everytime you blog tho'

I find a pair of socks works just as well ;)

Kandey said...

I am a great fan of your RCR program, so thanks for the great cardio workout; it sounds like a lot of fun too! I am just not familiar with the skater jump, the Valslide tricep push up, and the Valslide sliding Crunch. Could you explain and/or show on a short video how they are done? Thanks!

BTW, doing the exercises with socks or other substitutes works, yes. However, in my opinion/experience the effect is not quite the same. I find that the exercises are significantly more difficult with the Valslide.

Cheers ;o)

california girl said...

Thanks Val! This looks like a great workout for those days that I'm traveling and don't have all the extra equipment.

I agree that the Valslides are incomparable. I tried using towels on my hardwood floors before the covers were available. The Valslides are much smoother and a huge improvement.

Thanks yet again!

Laureen said...

I think Mikes comment was harsh. you have a product that works fabulously! you have to push your product otherwise no one will know about it! ps socks DO NOT work as well as VALSLIDES, if they did everyone would be doing lunges in their socks lol

SB-Gal said...

I LOVE this body weight cardio workout and I love my ValSlides.

This was a great workout that I was able to do with very little space.

Thanks for all of your great workouts and the wonderful community in the RCR Club.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your exercise program works pretty well, I will recommend it to my fat sister, thanks Valerie.

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